Jared Turner

Jared Turner

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First Name * Jared
Last Name * Turner
Username * Riozaki
Country * USA
City Huntsville
Languages English




I am an evolving 3D Artist. I work primarily work in 3ds Max, however i have entry level experience in other programs such as Blender, Lightwave, and Maya. Even though 3d Max is my program of choice, I have no problem picking up and learning any of the other 3D programs. As a 3d artist I am able to create various works that can be used from a wide range of uses such as, commercially, entertainment, education and even government.
I have a wide range of skills in 3d, ( a jack of all trades) as some would say. I have experience in inorganic and organic modeling, texturing and lighting. I am able to create animations that range from simple objects to complex character animated lip sync. Along with creating animations, I work well with particle generated effects (fire, water, wind, explosions), and I am able to incorporate everything into a gaming engine such as Unreal.
I know most artist are stuck in their ways, if they do something, they do it their way. I am a artist that believes in adapting to what is needed. If I am needed to perform a job that would require me to deviate from my regular work flow or style, I will gladly do so in order to get the job done right. Even though my primary skills are in 3d I have experience in numerous programs such as Photoshop, Soundbooth, and premiere. With knowledge of those programs, I am able to complete the entire process of any 3d job, and even work on non-3d jobs.